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When you live in a world of robotics, one is often confronted with opinions that our technology may be replacing the need for human employment. Although one could spend hours debating that perception, our team at RoboGnosis chooses to champion the opportunity to offer greater education and employment opportunities while we continue to advance our own efforts in autonomous technology.

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Our interest in education is deep-seated within the RoboGnosis family.  In fact, two of our leaders are educators by trade.  For years, they invested thousands of hours in the classroom being a coach, a mentor, and leader. Today, they have taken their natural abilities to inspire and ignite the best qualities that lie within us all and created Robo University (Robo U).
In partnership with TreeHouse, RoboGnosis offers over 1,000 educational classes focused on technology.  From creative web design to the most advanced coding programs – the options offer a promising future.  Successful graduates of Treehouse receive a diploma and interviews for job placement in a variety of industries who are involved with us in this innovative education collaboration.
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